My husband and I started ALEX Bottle because we were sick of the massive amount of single serving plastic water bottles that were filling up our landfills and devastating our waterways. I had been using reusable water bottles for years, but they were so hard to clean! Over time, the bottles would start to stink and you’d have to throw them away…that defeats the purpose right? Standing over a sink full of smelly, hard to clean water bottles, my husband Chris, said “we should make a bottle that opens in the middle so you can actually clean it!” So he went to the garage, took out his hack saw, and cut one of the bottles in half to see what the possibilities could look like. And that was how ALEX Bottle was born.

Whether it’s smoothies, lemons (which I can now finally remove from my bottle!), powdered drink mixes, or the occasional margarita, ALEX opens in the middle so it’s easy to clean. ALEX also compacts to half it’s size which is amazing for storage at home and for travel. Alex’s silicon sleeve makes it grippy and even helps protect it from scratches and denting if you drop it. When empty, ALEX even doubles as two separate cups, a protective case for sunglasses, an impromptu speaker, or you can even hide a beer bottle in it! ALEX is also customizable which means that you can mix and match colors to fit your every style.

People always ask us “who’s ALEX?”, and the real story is that ALEX stands for “Always Live Extraordinarily”; it’s a lifestyle and a call to action that our everyday choices are what take our lives from ordinary to extraordinary. But the name “ALEX” also personifies the bottle making it more then just a “bottle.” ALEX is your partner in everyday adventures and your reminder to Always Live Extraordinarily!