Back in the US and at the Open.

By | Published: March 26, 2008

I am finally back in the US and so happy to be home despite the fact that the month and half I spent in Russia and Japan has left me a little hoarse. Or maybe it was the general insanity known as the US Open. What is it with the east coast and it’s weather patterns?It rained, snowed, was freezing cold, super windy and then sunny for finals which was great for photos, but was a little less than awesome for finals. One wall was gleaming icy and bullet proof and the other was soft and crumbling.

Aaaaaah the Open, the crowd is amazing, the energy is awesome and it’s always nice to finish up my competitive season on the podium at the US Open. But now it’s finally time to head back to Aspen for a few days, re-pack my bags and head to up to Canada and ride some more pow.