Buzz Feed Features ALEX Bottle And All Its Benefits

By | Published: April 13, 2016

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Yesterday, Buzz Feed reviewed ALEX Bottle. Wait, let me re-phrase that… Yesterday, BUZZ FEED REVIEWED ALEX BOTTLE!!


Buzz Feed is the 46th most visited website in the US and that doesn’t include it’s subsidiaries. To say that it’s popular is an understatement. So when  who does product reviews for Buzz Feed called us up and said she saw ALEX on a friend’s instagram page and wanted to try one out for herself, we sent her one.


We couldn’t be more thrilled with her take on ALEX. She makes some great points — some we consistently talk about like hiding a beer bottle or using ALEX as a cocktail shaker — and some we had never even thought of, like how, “Because of the grippy bottom, it’s easy to open the cap in the car cupholder with one hand (just push down and twist).” Leaving your co-pilot to sleep or play DJ… not have to help you with your pesky water bottle openings.


And of course, she nailed it when it came to the reason we created ALEX in the first place… it’s easier to clean! “Washing water bottles is my Everest. It’s so hard. So, I just never do it,” she says. Ding! Ding! Ding! You ACTUALLY wash your ALEX because you CAN!


So big thanks to Buzz Feed and Nicole for trying out ALEX and giving it a thumbs up. She has some great videos to illustrate the many benefits of ALEX as well. Read the full article with all of Nicole’s witty remarks and great GIFs here –>


Buzz Feed features ALEX Bottle