Canadian Mountain Holidays

By | Published: March 30, 2008

I’m officially on vacation at CMH! Today was my first heli-shredding experience and now I finally understand what all the ruckus is about; the day was magic! The snow is the kind that must have provoked the name champagne powder, we’ve got an amazing crew, the CMH guides and staff are all so sweet, safe and FUN; we’ve already got into shotskis (a shot that is glued to a ski and you do it as a foursome) and bar stool rodeoing (ride an upside down bar stool like a bull)….and we just got here yesterday afternoon! Check out the photos for a quick look at what we’re dealing with and I promise to get some more action in the next couple of days for you to really get the feeling of the awesomness that is going down! Thanks to Transworld and CMH for having me along, now I’m going to be a totally jaded snowboarder who only wants to heli….I’m good with that YEAH!