Debut of The Gretchen Bleiler Collection

By | Published: January 4, 2008

So the Breck Grand Prix was the debut of the Gretchen Bleiler Collection and I must say it was quite a hit! Seriously I don’t mean to brag but…I must! I’ve never gotten so many compliments wearing outwear in my entire life; guys, girls, liftees, you name it and they were taking notice. I even got a proposal from one of the credential checker guys at the top of the halfpipe!!!! A snowboard outfit that guarantees you a marriage proposal? Now that’s one fancy outfit! The Gretchen Bleiler Collection will hit stores Fall 2008 ladies….so mark that in your calendars because that’s when you can go out and buy every little piece. The collection includes 3 different jackets all in a variety of different colorways; a main insulated jacket, a shell for warmer conditions and an eco jacket made of 100% recycled materials which is also recyclable! Then there are two different pants also in a variety of different colorways; the main pant and the eco pant. Then there is a really cozy long sweater, Capri leggings, a computer bag, a purse, tshirts and three different types of hats; one skull cap for under your helmet, one beanie for the mountain and then a lifestyle cap for wearing around town, OLAY! Action shot subtitle: Check out that leather detailing on the pant; fancy, no?!