First Day on the Job with Yahoo!

By | Published: August 10, 2008

I was asked to go get interviews from Michael Phelps, Dara Torres, Amanda Beard and Ian Crocker at the Speedo press conference….you know, just some of the biggest names of the games (this will most likely be the only time to get interviews from these guys before they race if at all so…no pressure, go get em’ Gretchen). Of course everyone in the room knows swimming, and these athletes, inside and out and then there’s me who really knows a lot about snowboarding. “Get the big fish first” is what they say in the media world (no pun intended ha) so we head over to Michael, where there are about 23.5 people arranging themselves so that there microphone is closest. So Michael is talking with 4 or 5 mics in his mouth and I am in the back behind Brad, our cameraman (bad move). I decide this will not do and wiggle my way to the front but am now down on my knees before the big fish, I mean Phelps. This is clearly an awkward position, but I am a host now so I am going to act like this is normal and think of something brilliant to ask him. Now what would that be?!

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