Global Chorus Thoughts

By | Published: January 16, 2014
Global Chorus asked the question “Do you think that humanity can find a way past the current global environmental and social crises? Will we be able to create the conditions necessary for our own survival, as well as that of other species on the planet? What would these conditions look like? In summary, then, and in the plainest of terms, do we have hope, and can we do it?”  Here is my answer below
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Now more than ever, there is a feeling we are living in a world that has spun out of balance.  It seems the principles of force and effort are dominant in our society on all levels and because we are all connected it is this exact model that is not working and has taken us to this place of global environmental and social crises.  I think we are getting close to the point where we as a collective are so disturbed with what we have created that we say “we won’t take this any longer.”  But right now there is already change brewing.  And I believe one perfect example of this change is Marianne Williamson’s Sister Giant, which is a movement to start a new conversation, a “politics of the heart.”

Movements like Sister Giant are what we need to bring the qualities of masculine and feminine back into alignment in our world.  There is always a masculine face and a feminine face to every energy and these two faces depend on one another to thrive.  But we’ve been living in a world where the goal oriented, assertive, and individualistic qualities of the masculine have dominated the intuitive, non-differentiating, joining qualities of the feminine.  So in order for this world to truly prosper individually and collectively we need our feminine energy to step into its full power again with the masculine.

Once we as a people have brought balance back into our society through the balance and union of the masculine and feminine, we will naturally find balance with nature again as well.  Instead of fighting against nature as we have for so long now, we will start to learn from and work with nature.  As Deepak Chopra and David Simon have written in their book THE SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF YOGA “Nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease.  If you look at the ebb and flow of the tides, the blossoming of a flower, or the movement of the stars, you do not see nature straining.” We can echo nature’s intelligence to live and create a new world of effortless ease, balance and rhythm.

And that is where it seems we are standing just on the cusp of potential.