Aspen Ideas Fest Presentation in Review

By | Published: July 13, 2015

Chris Davenport and I recently gave a talk at the Aspen Ideas Fest Conference. We spent many hours together talking about our athletic experiences, our mental experiences and ultimately our collective knowledge led to what we spoke about: Finding your Passion and using it to create a formula that allows one to tap into Flow state on purpose.

It was an honor to be invited and I can’t thank everyone enough who attended. We battled a little bit of nervous energy as this was our first time speaking together on this topic, but I couldn’t have asked for a better partner or a more supportive audience! The amount of feedback from both long-time Aspen acquaintances¬†and new friends alike was humbling.

Gretchen Bleiler and Chris Davenport at Aspen Ideas Fest

Flow is something we all want more experience with. It means we’re living at our highest human potential and striving each day to find success and live in a state of fulfillment.

There is so much to be said around this topic it can be overwhelming. Chris and I decided to focus on telling our own stories as illustrations to how we did it. The entire discussion is too much to go into right here, but the Aspen Daily News did a great job summing up what we talked about and I have the video of the entire presentation to share with you as well.

Andrea nailed the summation, check out her story for the Daily News here.

And if you have some time, check out our video here: