Panasonic Royal Treatment in Beijing

By | Published: August 12, 2008

I’m staying with Panasonic for my entire three weeks in Beijing and they’ve been hooking it up! Thanks Panasonic! They hosted a super VIP welcoming party at the largest imperial garden in the world, the Summer Palace. We basically got to party (and when I use this word I don’t use it lightly because the Chinese drink this liquor called Maltai where the alcohol content is 60% or higher and they drink it like it’s going out of style) in this exquisite setting filled with centuries of history, after hours…we had the whole place to ourselves. We ate traditional Summer Palace dishes and watched traditional Chinese performances and enjoyed every second of the breeze that comes off the lake here (have I mentioned the combination of the humidity and heat in Beijing are almost unbearable?). It was a night to remember; I felt like I was a part of an ancient Chinese royal family for a night!

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