The Lifers Project

By | Published: March 21, 2016

Right after X Games in Aspen this year, I was fortunate to link up with Matt Alberts in order to be a part of The Lifers Project. Matt has been an action sports photographer for years, but about three years ago, he started using wet col­lo­dion to develop photos. He uses equipment and materials that were used in the 1800’s in photography. Matt’s great-great-grandfather had a photo studio in Binghampton, NY and used the same materials.

Over time, Matt began to be discouraged with the process of digital photography and the lack of originality. He wanted to make something with his hands and better capture the sports he loved. The Lifers Project was born. Matt travels around in his truck trailing his mobile photo studio behind him. It has been said that wet collodion photography can see into a persons soul and Matt wanted to capture that in people who have dedicated their heart and soul to their passions. Skateboarders, surfers and snowboarders have been his subjects and I’m thrilled to now be included in the mix!

Snowboarding has been my passion and my way of living in the world for most of my life. It’s served as my vehicle to learn, grow and uncover my own dormant potentials as I adventure on the mountain and in life. And at the same time hopefully inspire others to go out and live the life of their own dreams and tap into their own full potential, however that may look.


Aspen 82 was on hand when Matt and I had our session to document it all on video!